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Name: Fadi Jalal Abdel Hadi Daoud
Address: Amman,Jordan
Jordan - Amman
Day Phone: 96265819050
Mobile Phone: 962795719981


Birthdate: 06 Jan, 1981
Place Of Birth: Riyadh –Saudi Arabia
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Jordanian
Resident of: Jordan - Amman
- NYIT UNIVERSITY (New York Institute of Technology)
Amman, Jordan
Degree: Master In Computer Science December,2003

Amman, Jordan
Degree: Bachelor - Computer Science June 2002


- Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (SCJP) 2001
? Sun Certified Business Component Developer for Java 2 Platform (SCBCD) 2004


- Extensive J2EE/J2SE development skills
-Strong experience on JMF (Java Media Framework)
- Strong OOA/D and UML modeling skills
- Strong experience with Markup Languages and data transformation (XML, HTML)
- Strong experience on a distributed technologies (Java Servlets, JSP, SOAP)
- Strong experience on security using JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) that enable services to authenticate and enforce access controls upon users.
- Strong experience on IBM Websphere ND (Network Deployment) V6 and Jboss application servers
- Good experience on IBM Websphere Integration Process (BPEL), Web Services, UDDI) and SOA.
-Good experience on EJB, Portal, struts, hibernate and IBM MQ
- Writing connectors using JCA (J2EE Connector Architecture).
- Unit testing of software components (JUnit, Jakarta Cactus)
- Version control system experience with CVS,VSS,SVN

Practical Experience :

STS Group November 2006 – until now :

- I am working with STS as Technology Specialist on different projects include e-
government, e-payment integration, e-banking solutions, with the following
responsibilities :

1. Lead the implementation and support of STS solutions at client’s sites.
2. Design N-Tier, Secure, Multi-channel Web Applications.
3. Participate in object / component analysis, modeling, and? development using UML methodologies and J2EE patterns implementation with formalized documentation.
4. Participate in design phase; facilitate proof of concepts,? technical risk mitigation, component and sub-system design with formalized documentation, and according to J2EE Design Patterns and Frameworks.
5. Develop the appropriate application code and supporting documentation based on designs.
6. Establish cross-platform deployment frameworks and guidelines,? participate actively in cross-platform migrations and testing.

Simtix (Apexion international) October 2002-2006.

- I worked as Software team leader on systems that track delivery of supplies and parcels within an organization and for a user to record the acceptance of the items at the time of delivery. This project was owned by LAWSON company in USA,

Scope of work:
1- Design and development of a model-view-controller application.
2- Management and co-ordination of the development-team.
3- Technical design and implement migration of the JBOSS to IBM WebSphere ND Application Server v6.0
4- Design of automated J2EE deployment into IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0 via ANT and JACL Script.
5- Design and development JACL Script to create JDBC datasources, Scheduler, work manager, buses and all configuration needed to run the application on websphere
6- Design and development security using JAAS on websphere.
7- Design and development SOAP services to integrate with mobile devices.
8- Support Oracle 10g, SQL Server and DB2 databases.
9- Client and QA Support
- I worked as Software team leader on Par and Cycle Counting application which was used to simplify and streamline the replenishment and control processes by reducing par and cycle counting time using bar-coding and mobile devices. This project was owned by LAWSON company in USA,

Scope of work:
1- Design and development of a model-view-controller application.
2- Design and develop adapter to integrate with Lawson backoffice by synchronize databases using XML (DOM & SAX) and CSV parsing.
3- Design and develop bar codes for Intermic and Zebra Printers.
4- Design and develop integration with handheld devices.
5- Development of schedulers to synchronize data between handheld and Lawson backoffice through server.
- I worked as a Java Developer on health care surgical instrument system that manages all of the data and processes required to support the complete lifecycle of surgical instruments and tray sets in a hospital. This project was owned by LAWSON company in USA,

Scope of work:

1- Develop Java web-based and service oriented software through all tiers from
Presentation to persistence using Java technology on JBoss application server.
2- Develop adapter to read and write data to LAWSON backoffice using Java Connector
Architecture (JCA) and DME (Data Mining Engine).
3- Develop security using JAAS on JBOSS.
4- Implement building process and integration using ANT

Personal Project
Voice And Video Chatting Using Java And XML :

This project enables users to carry out video, audio and text chat by XML message and JMF (Java Media Framework). There are two main components in this system the server and the client.
Clients or users of the system can make sound conversation, video conversation media player and Media (video& sound) transmitting in Real Time using JMF RTP API and XML messaging.

Master Degree Project
Performance of RTP-TCP and RTP-UDP over Network:

In this project I present the performance of RTP over UDP and RTP over TCP and measured audio and video quality in term of packet congestion and measured bandwidth for RTP/TCP comparison to RTP/UDP.

Training Courses

-Time Management 2007
-Administration of IBM Websphere ND Application Server v6 2006
- Oracle Developer 2001
- Active Server Page (ASP) 2000

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